Still Standing?

Still Standing?

Maybe Something Stronger Could Really Hold Me Down


Matthew Delooze Still Standing June 2015

This brief message is meant for those that know me.

I must sincerely apologise to anyone who contacted me over the last 12 months or so, if I failed to reply to them. I haven’t been at my best by a long chalk. I’m still not at my best but I can see the length of the chalk is shortening. I remember telling a few loved over the years that I would disappear for a while. I hope those loved ones will remember that? I will not ever let anyone in this world that require the words I supplied/supply down even though it seems I will sometimes.

Luckily I have had some intermittent care and healing from very special healers since I returned from Gibraltar in 2013. I easily recognise one or two direct sources that kept me alive in 2014, but there was one I didn’t recognise.

I was lying in bed one morning, literally on my last legs and hoping I was going to be relieved of my life, all of a sudden it felt like some force had blown in like the wind, picking me up and literally cradling me. I really felt like I had been scooped up and placed in someone’s arms, all flopped and limp, cold and dead like. This force then seemed to literally squeeze me and I immediately felt alive again. I’m no hippy and I don’t even pretend to understand healing energies, but I’m not too proud or embarrassed in the slightest to openly say thank you to whomever sent it and acknowledge the energies exist. So whoever you are I assure you the healing energies arrived at the right time. I am therefore eternally grateful to you for your care, your love and your powerful skills. I am not fully on my feet yet but I am surely not nearly as dead as i was either.


Anyway please don’t get me wrong. I’m not going soft. So to show I’m still alive I’ll say the following as an update.

To the various puppet local authorities operating in the sick corrupt County of Lancashire, which is the home of persistent sex abusers, compulsive liars and soulless mercenaries, I say do your very worse… but the writing is now on the wall, which is ‘Numbered, Numbered, Weighed, and Divided’ The same message is said to the puppet authorities on a national and global level too. The writing is now on the wall, which again is ‘Numbered, Numbered, Weighed, and Divided’.

To the Serpent, the cowardly deceptive force that has enslaved the human race, using such puppets mentioned above just to control a herd of stupefied human slaves, albeit blind but willing stupefied slaves who happily jockey with each other just to wallow more and more in a cesspit of greed and selfishness that they actually believe is ‘human life’… I’ll say… I’m here to tell you again ‘I will walk any desert to find my Rain and the Gates Of Hades shall not prevail against me’

To those that wanted me ‘not to be standing’ I say ‘I’m still standing’ and I politely suggest to those that wanted me and still want me ‘not to be standing’ that they better try a bit harder to not have me standing… at whilst they themselves are still standing. The same can be said to the fakers and the backstabbers, those who’s outer skins pretend to display the finest fragrances, but in reality woefully fail in their attempt to hide the fetid stench emitting from their putrid innards and septic souls.

There is nothing that won’t one day be unveiled.

You see folks I must be healing because I still seem to have the same delusions of grandeur and/or the same messages are surfacing as always.

That said. I apologise for not being able to supply to those that actually sought more written information from me recently (2014-2015). I’m sure if you didn’t lose faith in me that you will be more than rewarded in the future. I actually believe any recent and past ‘testing times’ are not only for me, but i concede that those actually being tested won’t even see it that way until their own exam results are published in public, so to speak.

The one ball archives will be back up soon and I’m hoping to publish Father Forgive Them, my final writings, by December 2015 or early 2016. If you want to hear about that please register your email address on site. ‘Father’ will be in book form, but intermittent ‘news’ reports will be published on this site.

May I take this brief moment to wish anyone reading this all the best in their journeys, especially YOU, whatever path you take. It seems a long time since I was capable enough to do that. May you receive all the guidance (and improvements to your eyesight) that you need too, from wherever you need to receive it from.

May Love Reign O’er You.

Matthew Delooze 3rd July 2015


‘Ball Game Ring’ Picture By Matthew Delooze June 2015